The Catholic Parishes of Barking & Ilford Lane, Diocese of Brentwood, Reg. Charity No. 234092

Welcome to the Catholic Parishes of Barking & South Ilford,

We are a parish with two churches St Mary and St Ethelburga, Barking, and St Mary and St Erconwald, South Ilford, of the diocese of Brentwood. Last year our parish celebrated its 150th anniversary

Our parish is a diverse community of Catholics from numerous cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Some of our parishioners have lived here for many years, others have joined us from other parts of the world, including Europe, Africa, Asia & South America.

You are very welcome to join us at any of our services, please do think about coming along to visit us and to join us in prayer. If you are here for the first time do introduce yourself to the parish priest (Fr. William Young). We will be delighted to meet you for tea/coffee on Sunday's after the 9:30 am Mass at Ilford Lane or the 11am Mass at Barking, it provides a great opportunity for you to meet others

Our Catholic faith is of the greatest importance to us. We seek to share this faith and to bring to the celebration of the Church's Liturgy a spirit of thankfulness and joy.

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Mass & Serivices Timings

 Mass & Serivices (General timings)

Mondays - Fridays
9:00 am Morning Prayers & Mass (Barking)
9:00 am Morning Prayers & Mass (Barking)
6:30 pm Vigil Mass of Sunday (Barking)
11:00 am Mass (Barking)
9:00 am Mass (Ilford Lane)
3:30 pm Signed Mass for the Deaf (Barking, 3rd Sunday of the month, except August)
3:00 pm Divine Mercy Devotions (Barking, 2nd Sunday of the month, except August)
4:00 pm Exposition, Vespers, & Benediction (Barking)
(Please refer to the weekly schedule for more details)
Holy Days
7:30 am & 10:30 am Mass (Barking)
9:00 am Mass (Ilford Lane)

(Please refer to the weekly schedule for more details)